Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My New Favourite Person, who probably deserves to be a Sweet Bitch of the Week.

I have a new favourite person. Her name is Chantal Biya, and she is the First Lady of Cameroon. Apparently Michael K writes about her all the time at Dlisted, but this is the first I have heard of her. I don't think I have seen a more sassy person in my entire life. I have a new self confidence idol, and I wish I could have a thimble of her pizazz. Wikipedia also helpfully informs me she has established several charitable initiatives.

Look at the subtle outfit she wore to visit the Pope:<span class=

Look at her, raising her eyebrow like a celestial being at the African First Ladies Health Summit:

<span class=

Look at her, with the Obamas:

<span class=

Just look at her:

<span class=

I love her. I love her hair, I love that she is a first lady, I love her performance of femininity in the cruel world of politics and I love that she doesn't give a damn. And I know that she is walking around dripping diamonds and trailing labels, and that while she does this children are starving and that black women everywhere are subject to white lady beauty standards, but I have fallen in love with her eyebrows. And I have a new bible. Chantal Biya, you sure are a Sweet Bitch of the Week.


  1. Yeah, she's got some style, but so does Grace Mugabe (and as did Imelda Marcos). So I when I behold her magnificent hair, her fantastic nails, her brilliantly colourful clothes and her opulent jewelery I see it only as a perfect depiction of the gross corruption and indulgence of the Cameroon government at the sacrifice of the citizens.

    I'm not saying that Chantal Biya shouldn't have pretty things, I'm saying that she shouldn't have so much when the money that is paying for them should be going to addressing basic human rights, health, education, food, clean water and freedom etc for the citizens of Cameroon where the money comes from (it also comes from corruption, forced labor and commercial sex trafficking of children and women, and massive UN aid packages).

    Much love
    Rachel Rouge