Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some Crap Advice From Facebook

Really? Actually? Australia being "the fattest nation on earth" is something that warrants me to weep salty tears from my very eyes? Is this really necessary? I wasn't aware that it was even common practice to cry over the sexual behaviours of others (sluts, also possibly bitches) in the first place, but crying over what a bunch of people look like seems to be kind of a crap alternative.

My suggestions:
- A death in the family.
- Darfur.
- Sex trafficking.
- Beaches, or possibly Stepmom.
- The gender wage gap.
- Bosnia.
- The way that The Real L Word portrays lesbian sexuality.
- Tilda Swinton signing a petition in support of fugitive child rapist Roman Polanski.
- That bit in the final episode of Sex and the City after Charlotte finds out she is getting a baby and Miranda's house-keeper kisses her on the forehead and tells her she has found out what love truly is, and then Carrie comes back from Paris and Samantha has an orgasm while the bulbs sprout into flowers because SPRING HAS FINALLY ARRIVED.


  1. Amazing. All of that stuff, in varying degrees, is so so much worse that the shit spouting from the mouth(?) of this FB user. LOVE.

  2. Stepmom is some terrifying shit, and I would definitely cry over it (even if it did teach me the valuable life lesson of not wearing white after Labour Day).
    Also, is this a song lyric? The status update isn't very coherent...

  3. I don't understand any of the (the fb junk, I mean).

    That "Australia is the fattest nation in the world" thing always confuses me, because it's not even true. Who made that up?

    You know what else makes me cry? A surprising number of Futurama episodes.