Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Sweet Bitch of the Week: I Heart Amelia Hart

I should probably stop entitling these as 'Sweet Bitch of the Week' posts, because I really am yet to manage any kind of regularity. I was perhaps kidding myself that I could commit to any kind of positivity on a weekly basis, but who doesn't love a trier? Especially when that trier will ply you excellent role models and photos of babes.

My Sweet Bitch of this week is Miss Amelia Hart, whom I discovered through her blog Good Stuff Only. This was one of the first plus sized fashion blogs that I started looking at, and I love it. My eyes really like looking at these blogs but I also think they serve a really important purpose for fatty visibility. When was the last time you saw a fat person on the Sartorialist? Like, never. Fat people exist. Fat people have to wear clothes, or else they would get arrested. Often fat people look really awesome in their clothes, and often when you look awesome, people are going to want to look at you too. So it's really awesome that blogs like Amelia's exist, because Scott Schuman isn't doing anything for the fatosphere. Actually, he isn't doing anything for anyone other than men in Milan with well cut suits and girls in sundresses on bikes. (On the subject of fat people existing and therefore having to wear clothes; I'm talking to you now mainstream fashion. Don't give me any more bullshit about a lack of demand to extend your sizes. Just get on with it, it will probably end the recession, along with gay marriage. Although, am not sure I even want to be able to go into Glassons or Supre and fit into everything in the shop. My current regime of looking for over sized tunics, lycra and jersey means that I don't feel quite so guilty for trying not to think about how shitty fast fashion is for everybody apart from like, Chief Executives.)

Fatshion blogs are also important for fat creativity and fat community and for giving ladies opportunities to commit fat fashion theft. How else would I have found out about my ASOS Curve leggings if I hadn't stolen the idea off Definatalie? Actually, I probably never would have found out about Natalie's blog if my friend Meg hadn't linked me to her. My legs would have had to continue wearing normal leggings without any mesh panel inserts. Tragic.

I basically think Amelia is a mega babe. To be honest, I have an Internet crush on her. She posts amazing outfit photos, makes excellent make up choices and gives sage advice about bike shorts. I really like how many lovely vintage pieces she has, especially because finding plus sized vintage clothing is really hard work. It is labour. When scouring TradeMe for fatty vintage I often compare my bleary eyes to that of a Victorian seamstress. On a lighter topic than the industrial revolution, here is Amelia with Beth Ditto (as pictured here), which basically rules:

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I've never met her but she makes me want to chop off all my hair, dye it red and wear a crop top. Here's to you Miss Amelia, you sweet bitch of the week.

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(Slight niggling thought that am possibly just using Sweet Bitch of the Week as an excuse to post pictures of busty red heads. Am pervert. Am ignoring inner voice questioning my objectification of women and instead concentrating on vague statements like 'celebration of womanhood'.)


  1. You don't just post pictures of them - you put them in context.

    Besides, just a picture of a fat lady in a crop top is radical on its own.

  2. Horahhhhh Amelia!!! I've known Amelia on the internoodle for so many years!

    I think fatshion blogs are important for visibility's sake too. There is no way in hell I can afford to buy new clothes every fortnight in order to show them off on my blog, and sometimes I feel really shitty about that too, but I have to remind myself that I am making my body visible to normalise it and not to showcase my material possessions/ income/ credit card debt!


  3. I AM A BUSTY (um, ish) RED HEAD.

  4. I know her in person and still have an internet crush on her. yeah, it's kinda ridiculous what a megababe she is.